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Inside the Exciting World of Cryptocurrency Gambling

Cryptocurrency Gambling

What is Cryptocurrency Gambling?

Bitcoin’s popularity has made way for a new type of online gambling activity which focuses on wagers rolled across the internet and registered in Bitcoin’s public ledger, which is known as the blockchain. Playing casino games online at bitcoin gambling sites using cryptocurrencies is increasingly becoming the fastest, safest and fairest way of gambling online despite many skeptics who aren’t familiar with the workings of cryptocurrencies being wary of such activities. In fact if you consider it, the chances of winning are actually higher if you take into account the fact that there aren’t any fees on deposits and withdrawals that you’re entitled to pay.

It is worth noting that there are also a growing number of online casinos which are now offering gambling and money based games in bitcoin currency. These new Bitcoin casinos are currently operating all over the world, pretty much wherever the laws permit. Some of the options which are quite popular and on which players are able to bet their cryptocurrency include offerings on sports and casino games betting, online lotteries, spread betting and other gambling games.

How Cryptocurrencies Operate

Most online casinos started off initially offering bitcoin as supplementary currency but the boom has seen many online casinos actually choosing to transact only in bitcoins. The most popular online casino is Satoshidice. Online gamblers prefer Cryptocurrency casinos because there are several advantages that these bitcoin casinos offer such as the security gamblers get from knowing that cryptocurrencies cannot be counterfeited. Also the simple fact that transactions are much faster, carry lower fees, and the identities of the traders are protected seems to be appealing to online gamblers.

As is the case with any online gambling business, the core element of the enterprise is software. A lot of the bitcoin casinos that have managed to acquire significant user bases actually operate using their own in-house gaming software. These types of software are reliable in the sense that they operate largely without human intervention. The software plays the dealer but if course most operations still find it difficult to convince users that their games are fair unless they discourse how their software algorithms actually work.

The most reviewed and seeming popular game in cryptocurrency gambling tends to be poker but other games are also seeing a sharp rise in interest from online gamblers. You can find a list of the best bitcoin gambling sites at

Why Gambling with Cryptocurrencies is Booming

There are still concerns among those in the gambling world that cryptocurrency gambling may be exploited by those looking to use laundered funds by converting them into bitcoins. Some people are worried that unethical gamblers will take advantage of the anonymity offered by bitcoin casinos. Although these challenges are likely to be of concern for the near future, there is no denying that cryptocurrency gambling is becoming more widespread and is only going to continue to grow.

Some of the reasons why the cryptocurrency gambling business is booming include:

  • If you own small amounts of bitcoins it may be more favorable to gamble them in order to potentially get more and then convert them into traditional currency at a time that suits since bitcoins are less volatile than traditional currencies.

  • The fees for gambling in cryptocurrency are significantly lower compared to traditional gambling.

  • Most cryptocurrency casino operators make use of algorithm called Provably Fair which allows players to quality check the fainess of their games which gives more peace of mind when cryptocurrency gambling

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